Corporate Communications

Building reputation and relations to drive business value

In today's increasingly challenging marketplace the gap of confidence between companies and their stakeholders is getting wide, competition pressures and corporate social responsibility expectations are on the rise, and the digital era is tipping the scales of power, making communication challenges more complex than ever. Whether it is your reputation or relations with your audiences, Executive Group is helping you understand and manage the perception of key stakeholders and develop and strengthen ties with them by aligning external and internal communication to your business objectives through well-planned and custom-made communications advisory, execution and solutions, superb customer service and excellence in quality that boost your corporate value and deliver real business impact.

Our corporate communications and PR expertise includes:

Strategic communications planning

At Executive Group, we know that one size does not fit all. This is why we approach your communications and relationship building in a tailored, well-structured and carefully-planned way. Our strategic approach to planning your communications is based on gaining deep and thorough insight into your business, identifying and understanding your stakeholders, and devising plans that target the needs and requirements of your audiences and provide ways to get your communication to the desired goal.

Reputation management

Building a good reputation takes time and work. Now more than ever, reputation can make or break a business, and how you perceive its value ultimately affects your success. Whether you need to position your company, manage the reputation of your C-suite executives, or reach influencers, Executive Group has the expertise to run your relationships with your stakeholders in ways that create, shape, protect and boost your reputation while helping achieve your key business objectives.

Crisis management

The best you can do to handle a crisis is to get prepared for it. This is why Executive Group develops crisis scenarios, response plans and real life crisis simulations to get you fully ready for any potential crisis situation that puts stakes at their highest. We help you anticipate challenges and plan ahead how to immediately and effectively deal with any situation that can damage your reputation and relationships with stakeholders and even turn it into an opportunity to increase corporate and brand value.


Corporate social responsibility (CSR) goes beyond complying with legislation or aligning your corporate behavior with stakeholder expectations. For Executive Group, CSR is a fundamental and integral part of your core business objectives, a long-term approach to business that addresses the needs of communities, employees and the environment and is reflected in every step you take during day-to-day operations. Our expertise will help you become recognized as a good employer and true partner of the community you operate in by making your CSR policy the backbone of your business guiding your decision-making.

Media relations

The complex and rapidly-changing media landscape is becoming increasingly demanding to navigate, and the digital age has made this challenge bigger than ever. Executive Group has in-depth knowledge and understanding of the specifics of the media environment in Serbia and the region and is constantly evolving to meet the requirements of this intricate and fast-paced media world. We integrate careful topic selection, selective media targeting and skilful placement of the right message to the target audience via the right channel into a distinctive media relations mix that can make a whole world of difference for you.

Internal communications

Good internal communication delivers messages and informs people you work with, but great internal communication engages and motivates employees to connect to the company and perform at their best. At Executive Group, we know that internal communication is all about building strong, lasting and engaging relationships with employees and creating two-way, interactive conversation that will allow you to make full use of all your resources while inspiring your employees to deliver good business results.

Communications training and coaching

Whether you need to appear in a live TV or radio show broadcast, address a corporate event, deliver a speech at a conference or give a presentation in the boardroom, Executive Group will help you make every word count. We customize our training and coaching program to specific client needs and combine the knowledge of our trainers with that of experienced lecturers, journalists and cameramen to provide you with media training, media coaching, message development and delivery training and workshops, presentation skills training and professional training for journalists that deliver true impact.