Marketing, Advertising and Branding

Building brands and campaigns that grow business and deliver bottom-line results

What does it take for you to steer clear of the hype and clutter of today's demanding marketplace? -A story crafted in a strategic way and told creatively and effectively across the entire media spectrum.

No matter if you are looking to build a brand from scratch, or just give it a facelift, launch a new product or move up the sales curve, Executive Group has the knowledge, passion and vision to deliver real value to your business and help you take it to the next level. We approach the marketing challenge from a comprehensive range of fronts covering everything from authentic consumer insight and integrated marketing strategies and plans, through the full range of branding services, to great creative, engaging advertising and inspiring design, whose unique blend drives your business results, makes you stand out from the rest of the crowd and helps you reach your consumers rationally and emotionally.

Analytics and insights

Your consumers are only human. We help you find out more about their lives, beliefs and behavior and use the unique insights on what they think and how they feel to help boost the value of your brand, create unforgettable brand experiences and bring your brands even closer to your consumers. With our research methodologies we conduct quantitative and qualitative researches, locate trends in consumer behaviors, conduct in-depth segmentation and targeting, and use this valuable information as a foundation for branding, marketing strategies, powerful creative ideas and unique solutions that grow your business.

Marketing strategy and planning

No matter how great an idea you might come up with, it does not mean much if you do not see the big picture. We help you devise effective strategies to tell you where you are, put you on the right track to where you want to be and guide you throughout your entire brand journey. With integrated marketing planning and creative strategies we make sure your communications move the consumers one step closer to your brand.


Your brand speaks so much about you. We know how to make it speak so much more. Whether you are after building, nurturing or adding value to your brand, our Brand Personality, Brand Positioning and Brand Architecture expertise will help you communicate effectively with your audience, capture people's hearts and minds and form deep bonds with consumers.


Great creative does not speak for itself. Great creative speaks for you. This is why Executive Group does not believe in being creative for the sake of creativity itself; we believe in the creativity that serves your brand. We have great ideas that bring even greater results proving that the idea is rooted in strategy, driven by targets and guided by our conviction that creative is big only if it generates real results.


Whether you seek to raise brand awareness or change perception, whether it is indoor, outdoor, online or offline, your advertising must be strategic and targeted, it has to connect with people and inspire them. Our advertising has a creative hook that draws attention, stands out from the crowd and motivates people to take the next step. The time you have with your audience is limited. Make the most of it.


Creative ideas and superior design is what separates the great from the good. From a new corporate identity and packaging design to a website or brochure, we produce inventive and striking design solutions that will set you apart from others and bring your message to life by giving it shape, colour or texture. The result is unique and difference-making design that gets you noticed and gets you results.

Knowledge building

In the ever-changing business landscape, staying put is simply not an option. If you want your people to go that extra mile, our tailored training and coaching programs help you develop their marketing strategy and communications skills. Our decision making workshops will help you take a strategic step or make better sense of a situation by providing you with everything from a detailed analysis of a challenge and decision-making experience to ways that help you set and evaluate key decision variables relevant for the most important marketing steps you need to take.

Event management

Ah, events. Possibly the one communication tool that can be the most exciting, entertaining and capture attention and imagination of your stakeholders, but also cause headaches and tears in a painstaking attempt to have it done perfectly. Regardless whether you are planning simple company anniversary or a public event for thousands of people, the challenges remain the same. At Executive Group we believe successful events depend on creativity in the approach and meticulous delivery. With experience in a wide range of events we provide creative support in imagining new ways to develop event design and make it happen with state-of-the-art event management and implementation.