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When Lidl was about to open its first stores in Serbia in 2018, we created “Lidlmania” which captured the interest of the whole nation – from politicians and media to social networks and “ordinary” citizens.

With proper planning, we established the atmosphere for Lidl’s entry into the Serbian market and additional buzz. Starter activities organized for media representatives included a visit to the logistics building, and Lidl gift packages, as well as a visit to one of the stores two days before the official opening. Additionally, ”Lidl truck” with our famous radio host Dragan Ilić travelled through Serbia, familiarizing citizens with Lidl brands in a recognizable way.

Results: We secured more than 2600 media articles and in cooperation with carefully selected influencers generated 607,000 views on social networks, inspiring people to create more than 100 viral memes on social media. All of the activities helped Lidl become a favorite retail brand in our country, and ”Lidlmania” continued to shake Serbia for a long time.