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In 2018, dm drogerie markt launched a unique project named dm incubator, aiming to provide the opportunity for small and medium local producers to develop and market products in the food and beauty&care segments. Through the mentoring program and professional assistance of numerous institutional partners, dm incubator participants developed and improved their products and operations. They then received strong support for showcasing their goods and acquiring new customers in dm drugstores. Within the project, the company supported 18 local manufacturers who developed about 80 products and sent them to the shelves of dm drugstores. Thanks to the excellent model of support to the local economy, the company won prestigious awards in the country, and the project itself garnered the sympathy of many media outlets.

The Agency’s responsibility was to provide media coverage that would give the dm incubator appropriate visibility throughout all phases. That complexity was recognized as the biggest strength of the project since it created opportunities for ongoing, long-term communication. We began the tale of this remarkable initiative by encouraging local entrepreneurs to apply, then reported on dm incubator panel discussions and workshops, featuring relevant business experts who gave additional value to the project.

We drew the attention of economic journalists to the project by emphasizing its successful business strategy and contribution to the local economy, while on the other hand, we piqued the interest of the lifestyle media to write about top-quality products made in our region.

Results: A strong promotion, in combination with a well-laid program, brought more than 700 applications. The product launch event we organized in September 2019 gathered dozens of media representatives, experts, and partners, and it was followed by stories about the products themselves. Usage of the widest range of media formats ensured that the dm incubator was mentioned in more than 400 media reports.