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The campaign “Let’s Have Time” was launched in 2020 to strengthen Grand kafa’s position in the freshly ground coffee category, communicate the brand’s message and value, and position Grand kafa as a beverage that is an essential component of every home and family.

It was continued in February 2022, when “the new Grand family” was introduced to the public in a new TV ad.

The Agency continued its work on PR promotion, producing a variety of communication pieces that were placed in business, lifestyle, and general news media.

By adjusting the umbrella slogan for different occasions (“Let’s have time to play”, “Let’s have time for fun”, “Let’s have time in the New Year” etc.) we emphasized the significance of Grand kafa’s presence in various life situations. The slogan was also used in a separate CSR campaign inviting women to take free mammograms (“Let’s have time for a medical examination”).

Results: By communicating through various PR formats, such as announcements, thematic and native texts, interviews, and statements of Grand kafa’s representatives and celebrities, from mid-September 2020 to the end of the following year, more than 150 announcements were published on portals and in print media, as well as several TV programs. We generated over 100 media pieces in the first six months of the campaign continuation in 2022, which helped strengthen brand image communication, connect the slogan “Let’s have time” to the brand, and establish Grand kafa’s status as a necessary component of every home and any occasion.