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Following global trends and the growing interest of increasingly educated consumers for specialty coffee, Grand kafa brand introduced two new single origin flavors – Rwanda Bourbon and Brazil Cerrado – in eco-friendly packaging, together with the blockchain-based Farmer Connect initiative.

The task was to set up a communication strategy and through various PR activities strengthen the brand’s position as a regional leader, with a focus on the extended product portfolio, innovativeness, and commitment to sustainable development.

For better visibility and strengthening of the brand, we produces numerous feature articles, press releases, and infographics, arranged paid collaborations, coordinated creative deliveries to all relevant associates and influencers, and participated in the production of a promotional video as well as testimonials with farmers from Rwanda and Brazil.

In order to better familiarize the audience with these products, we organized a highly production-intensive online event for media representatives that had been filmed earlier due to the pandemic and required sophisticated production solutions. As the event’s “host”, Grand kafa’s marketing director Zoran Golub discussed the brand’s sustainability initiatives and ambitious goals with a renowned podcaster and longtime journalist Galeb Nikačević.

Results: About 80 media releases were generated only from the event. Additionally, key messages were spread through communication on other platforms about Grand kafa’s products made from the highest-quality beans, its commitment to the principles of sustainable development, including the care for coffee farmers, and its pioneering use of blockchain technology in Serbia.