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Following La Roche-Posay brand’s global #SKINISMORETHANSKIN campaign, which was promoted throughout the world on both traditional and social media platforms, the Agency was tasked with adapting it for our client, L’Oreal Adria Balkan, on a regional level in Serbia, Slovenia, and Bulgaria.

In order to spread awareness about increasing skin issues, such as acne, sensitive skin, hyperpigmentation, and eczema, and to demonstrate that the skin is really more than skin since it can affect self-confidence and mental health, we decided to gather a community of powerful bloggers and celebrities who were battling various skin challenges themselves.

The famous illustrator, Andrijana Vešović, known as Zombijana, is just one of the many who spoke about her long-time struggle with acne, while fitness instructor Janka Budimir addressed facial hyperpigmentation. Actress Vanja Nenadić shared her fight against atopic and perioral dermatitis, and her colleague, also actress, Kristina Jovanović, talked about the problems with acne. Popular TV face and “Slagalica” quiz host Kristina Radenković has demonstrated how she handles her child’s atopic skin, just as did influencer Sara Oster Rokvić. Fashion designer and influencer Ana Stojanović described what it’s like to have allergy-prone skin, while journalist and influencer Branislava Antović shared her fight with neurodermatitis.

On the Bulgarian market, the campaign was endorsed by the famous Bulgarian actress Mona Gocheff, the mother of a boy with atopic skin, as well as the famous influencer, Antoniette Pepe, who shared with followers her experience with acne problems.

The popular Slovenian actress Tjasa Železnik discussed her experience with sensitive skin, while Ana Žontar Kristanc, a famous Slovenian food blogger, described her ordeal with atopic skin.

Results: With a series of educational posts on social networks and interviews with brand ambassadors in the regional media, La Roche-Posay highlighted different products that, thanks to their dermatological expertise, can improve the quality of life for many people.